SNACC is a Diverse Collaboration

Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA
SNACC President

Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA

Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA

As I prepared to be installed as president, what struck me about SNACC is that our society has transformed into a diverse cultural and multinational collaboration of physicians and neuroscientists. Being a global organization has been a discussion topic that enables our mission to promote and provide care for patients worldwide. With the aging population, there are increasing numbers of patients suffering from brain and spine diseases who need surgery. The problem is expected to become an urgent global health issue in this coming decade.

When SNACC had the first stand-alone Annual Meeting in Arizona in September 2019, it was the move of adapting to a financial constraint that SNACC had encountered; a problem that is not unique among non-profit organizations. One theme that emerged from that conference was that our members connected closer to each other at that meeting. We spent almost all of our time networking about future research and education ideas together. Maybe we were on the right path of connecting to each other. In addition, early in 2020, SNACC implemented global membership structures to enable people with different resources to join our force. We hope that this new initiative will empower worldwide physicians and neuroscientists to collaborate, addressing the health problems we face.

Then came along COVID, the tiny RNA particle that has changed the world. Unprepared for the consequences, SNACC’s core mission was threatened.  We did not want to stop our continued effort to promote worldwide research and education. Thus, we went ahead and held the first virtual annual meeting despite all odds. The COVID pandemic has created unprecedented changes in the way we deliver care to our patients and disrupted how society handles the business.

Nevertheless, it also has created an opportunity for everyone to take benefit from the worldwide connection. I never thought that this rapid change would occur in just a short ten months. It has truly renovated connectivity amongst the medical community and allowed instant collaboration from all parts of the world.

Currently, we are underway planning for our 2021 Annual Meeting. It is a deja vu of planning amidst uncertainty again. However, one certain thing is that SNACC will maximize the ability of our members to connect and continue our group effort to promote health in vulnerable patients with brain and spine diseases who need surgery. I am excited and looking forward to the 2021 Annual Meeting and I hope you are with me.

Furthermore, I am thinking of developing a new member sponsorship program from our members to physicians/fellows from reduced resource countries. Please send me your thoughts. We can connect via @snaccprez. Maybe our new members from the sponsorship program can join you and me at the 2021 Annual Meeting!

Until next time, be safe.

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