An Introduction to The Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) And Educational Products for All SNACC Members

L. Jane Easdown MD, FRCPC, MHPE
Professor, Anesthesiology and Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship Director
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

L. Jane Easdown, MD, FRCPC, MHPE
L. Jane Easdown MD, FRCPC, MHPE

A member of SNACC is fortunate to have access to the many educational opportunities offered through the website, newsletter and meetings. The Trainee Engagement Committee and the Education Committee have contributed podcasts, PBLDs, journal article reviews and curriculum for those involved in teaching or keeping up with the newest neuroscience developments. The focus of this article is to introduce the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) and the open educational offerings available. It is hoped that there will be engagement between both organizations to the benefit of all.

SEA was established in 1985 as a society for educators in anesthesiology. The focus was on faculty development in medical education and research, assisting teaching to all levels of the learner, and by all innovative techniques. SEA holds two meetings annually with a focus on small group learning in a workshop format. There are committees on technology in education, faculty development, global outreach, medical education research, simulation, medical student, and resident education to serve all needs. In addition, SEA offers a four-day Workshop on Teaching every January, a mini master's degree in teaching philosophy and methods of teaching and developing curricula. There is an active website with resources on all aspects of medical education. Also, SEA releases podcasts and online virtual workshops throughout the year.

Available for all: Through the SEA website here, there are many open resources for the anesthesia educator. These multimedia resources are designed to assist in developing curriculum, assessment techniques, or new teaching methods. There is a monthly education quiz question and tips for promotion. The site will direct you to the SEA Newsletter and the Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine with current and archived volumes. This is the official journal of SEA. The new Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has resources to share with all. You will be directed to apply for awards, including the ASA-SEA Distinguished educator award. Residents can apply through the website for SEA- HVO scholarships for one-month mentored rotations in global locations. Online virtual workshops are offered to all, throughout the year.

Available for SEA members: As a SEA member, you would have discounts on all meetings and online workshops. Additional resources are available to members through the website, including past meeting syllabi, assessment tools, milestones, OSCE workshops materials, and MCQ banks.  You would have access to peer mentoring at meetings and consultations with the medical education research experts. SEA members may apply for awards such as the SEAd grant for early career researchers ($10,000) and the Phil Lui awards for best posters and presentations.

As we know from our activities at SNACC, academic societies of like-minded members can lead to powerful mentorships, collaboration, and networks beyond our own institutions. Many SNACC members are already active in SEA. Both societies are very powerful educational societies with many benefits for anesthesia educators. And the advantage of great teaching is influencing others to enter our field and excel.

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