Education Committee Update

Laura Hemmer, MD, FASA
Chair, Education Committee

Amie Hoefnagel, MD
Laura Hemmer, MD, FASA

In addition to the myriad demands and challenges faced by all this year, dedicated members of the Education Committee have produced remarkable new contributions. SNACC’s “strong education focus” and its “many educational resources” were highlighted by the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) in their Fall 2020 Newsletter, and work by the Education Committee and Trainee Engagement Committee was specifically noted.

The monthly Neuroanesthesia Quiz (by Drs. Shobana Rajan, Verghese Cherian, Suneeta Gollapudy, Marie Angele Theard, and Hui Yang) has continued without fail, and a number of the quizzes this year have had the timely content focus of COVID-19. The Article of the Month by Drs. Amie Hoefnagel, Oana Maties, Shilpa Rao, and Nina Schloemerkemper) has numerous new and varied article discussion additions. The Experts Audio Corner name is changing to Clinical Audio Corner (by Drs. Ben Gruenbaum, Alex Papangelou, and Smita Bapat). Don't miss “Nitrous Oxide for Neurosurgery, Debunking the Myths” with Dr. Papangelou interviewing Dr. Jeffrey Pasternak, which was posted on the SNACC website in June. A major new project from the committee is the development of patient education material for patients anticipating neurosurgery. This initiative first came from Dr. Deepak Sharma, and the Patient Education Group (Drs. Lauren Dunn, Basma Mohamed, and Jamie Uejima). It is now created, in language understandable to patients, excellent printed information patients will need in preparation for craniotomy (awake and asleep) and spine surgeries as well as neuro IR procedures. This material is undergoing final reviews and revisions now and should hopefully be available in the coming months. A new Interactive Neuromonitoring Clinical Case will be posted soon from Dr. Ferenc Rabai. Dr. Jackie Morano has been busy as the lead communications liaison between the Education Committee and the Communications Committee. Work has been focused on updating the SNACC website, publicizing SNACC events and material, and several other endeavors (also including those of the Trainee Engagement Committee led by Dr. Shobana Rajan).

Live PBLD sessions were obviously not held this year, but the group (Drs. Shaun Gruenbaum, Hubert Benzon, Letha Mathews, Ryan Pong, Hemanshu Prabhakar, and Shilpa Rao) is now ready with topics for next year's meeting, even if in a virtual format.  With additional responsibilities facing so many of us during this time, a reprieve was given to the numerous Bibliography contributors, and they were not asked to update content for 2020. We will reassess in early 2021 when the next update should occur.

With all the work noted above, there are a couple "openings" within the committee. Please let me know if you would like to kindly volunteer to help with either of these items by sending an email to me with your area of interest with a brief summary of your professional background. The SNACC Bibliography has been a widely appreciated resource for SNACC members and for many recent years, it has been led by Drs. Rachel Kutteruf and Hemanshu Prabhakar. Both are ready to step down from their excellent leadership roles within the Bibliography, which is updated annually (during non-pandemic times) by many contributors in different neuroscience areas of expertise. The Education Committee is seeking two new SNACC members who would like to take the helm for this endeavor.

As SNACC President, Dr. Chanannait Paisansathan, has proposed a new patient safety endeavor with case reports or QI projects solicited through SNACC (e.g., SNACC members could submit in advance) with vetting and commentary from a Patient Safety Group within the Education Committee. This group is forming now and is seeking to add up to two additional contributors.

We are excited about what the Education Committee has in store going forward for our members and those who are not members yet!  Please feel free to reach out to the committee leadership anytime with ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our value to you.

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