The First International Conference on Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical Care in Bangladesh

Girija Prasad Rath, MD, DM
Professor, Department of Neuroanesthesiology & Critical Care
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India

Debabrata Banik, BSA
Professor, Department of Anesthesia Analgesia & Intensive Care Medicine
Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) 
& General Secretary, Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists (BSA)

The first International Conference on Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical Care was organized at the and Hotel Intercontinental (Figure 2), Dhaka from 22 to 24 March, 2019. It was organized along with the 36th Annual Conference of the Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists (BSA). Prof. Debabrata Banik of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, BSMMU Hospital, Dhaka and Secretary General of BSA served as the Chief Organizer. The theme for this meeting was “Frontline Benefit of Neuroscience by the Anaesthesiologists” to sensitize the anesthesiologists to the field of Perioperative Neurosciences. Anesthesiologists from Bangladesh and abroad participated in this three-day academic meeting. On the first day (22nd March) there were three preconference workshops conducted at three different places in the City of Dhaka. ‘Mechanical ventilation in neurologic patients’ was conducted by Dr. Virendra Jain (FMRI, Gurugram, India) at Dhaka Medical College Hospital; ‘Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography (USG) and Optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) by USG’ was conducted by Prof. M. Radhakrishnan (NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India) at the National Institute of Neurosciences Hospital, and ‘Lifebox Pulse Oximetry’ by Dr. Catherine Goddard (Australia) and Dr. Mansi Tara (UK) at BSMMU.

A parallel session of lectures was started at the Shaheed Dr. Milon Hall, BSMMU, wherein Prof. H. H. Dash (FMRI, Gurugram, India) talked about ‘Neurotrauma and brain protection’; BIS monitoring was discussed by Dr. V. Ponniah (Chennai, India); and ‘NIRS and Cerebral microdialysis’ was elaborated by Prof. Girija Prasad Rath (AIIMS, New Delhi, India). It was followed by another session of lectures. ‘Hyperbaric O2 therapy’ was discussed by Dr. Ragib Manzur; Dr. Navindra Raj Bista (NAMS, Kathmandu, Nepal) talked about ‘Controversies and Evolving Evidences of Ketamine in Neuroanesthesia’; and ‘Neuropathic Pain: Vertebroplasty and Balloon Kyphoplasty’ by Dr. Kawser Sarder (Bangladesh). In the afternoon session, there was a panel discussion on ‘Present condition of neuroanaesthesia and neurocritical care in SAARC countries’ with participants from countries such as India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It was followed by an election process of the BSA.

The second day programme started at Hotel Intercontinental Dhaka with a plenary lecture delivered by Prof. H. H. Dash on ‘Research and development of neuroanaesthesia in SAARC countries’. In the first session, there were four lectures delivered by Dr. Ponniah (‘Pharmacology in Neuroanesthesia’ and ‘Management of Ischemic stroke’), Dr. Virendra Jain (‘Anaesthesia for Emergency neurosurgery’), and Prof. M. D. Rajiul Hoque (‘Neuroanaesthesia: Surgeons perspective’). In the subsequent session, Prof U. H. Shahera Khatun (Bangladesh) spoke on ‘Pre-operative preparation of patient for intracranial surgery’; ‘Fluid therapy in neurological patients’; Management of postoperative pain for neuro surgical patient by Prof. A. K. M. Akhteruzzaman (Bangladesh).

During the pre-launch session, Prof. M. Radhakrishnan spoke on ‘Hyponatremia’; ‘Care and management of Brain-dead patient for organ donation’ was discussed by Prof. Girija Rath; ‘Preparing a patient for C-spine surgery’ was presented by Prof. Salim Mohammed Jahangir (Bangladesh) and ‘Resuscitation and transfer of a patient with polytrauma with brain injury’ by Dr. Raihan Rabbani (Bangladesh). It was followed by a sumptuous lunch. The post-lunch session began with a lecture on ‘Awake Craniotomy’ by Prof. Girija Rath; ‘Sepsis and outcome of neurocritical care’ by Dr. V. Ponniah; and ‘Dealing with non-neuro comorbidities in critically ill neurological patient’ by Dr. Virendra Jain. It was followed by a formal inaugural function for the meeting.

The third day (24th March 2019) scientific programme started with a live demonstration on awake craniotomy from the operating room at BSMMU by Prof. H. H. Dash and Dr. Virendra Jain. It was followed by a lecture on ‘Heated humidified high flow nasal cannula in neuro patients’ (Hi-flow O2 therapy) by Dr. M. Radhakrishnan; ‘Special consideration in Anaesthesia for pediatric neurosurgery’ was discussed by Prof Md. Shahidul Islam; ‘Approach to the neuroemergencies’ by Dr. V. Ponniah; ‘Structured approach to pain and sedation management in ICU’ by Dr. Tasbirul Islam; ‘Weaning in C-spine injury patients’ by Dr. Mantosh Kumar Mondal; and ‘Effect of hypernatremia in neurology’ by Dr. A. K. Qamrul Huda.

There was an overwhelming response to the poster session which was spread over a couple of days. The conference concluded with the valedictory function; and the event was appreciated by all delegates, participants, and international faculty.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Participants at Shaheed Dr. Milon Hall, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU): A. Speakers and Chairpersons; B. Audience

Figure 2

Figure 2: Indian contingent in the first row at the meeting venue of Hotel Continental Dhaka (L-to-R: Prof. H. H. Dash, Dr. V. Ponniah, Prof. M. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Virendra Jain, and Prof. Girija Rath).

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