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Fenghua Li, MD

Reza Gorji, MD
Fenghua Li, MD

You can now review the 2019 Board of Directors (BOD) candidates and their statements online on the SNACC website. It’s critical for you to participate in the voting process because the BOD is truly a driving force to fulfill our mission to advance the art and science of the care of the neurologically impaired patient through education, training and research in perioperative neuroscience. There are eleven BOD candidates this year; they are all brilliant and well vetted. Voting for the Board of Directors will open on June 17. Please don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.

I am always grateful for advances made in the area of perioperative neuroscience. One recent advance in measuring cerebrovascular reactivity is featured in this issue of the newsletter. Dr. Lashmi Venkatraghavan et al. at the University of Toronto, Canada, developed a cerebrovascular brain stress test using blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) MRI signal as a surrogate for cerebral blood flow and precisely controlled end-tidal CO2 (PETCO2) as vasoactive stimuli. The brain stress test has multiple potential applications that are clinically significant. You will be amazed by their article, “Cerebrovascular Reactivity: A New Standardized Brain Stress Test.”

The “WINNER In Focus” article in the member section debuts in this summer issue, thanks to the efforts of Dr. M. Angèle Théard. I hope that you enjoy this first interview of one of the WINNERS, Dr. A. E. Abramowicz.

The pre-meeting/fall issue of the Snacc Newsletter will be published on August 15 because of the Annual Meeting schedule change. The copy deadline for the next issue of the newsletter will be July 15. Please adjust your schedule accordingly and submit your articles to the newsletter on time.

I hope you enjoy this summer issue of the SNACC newsletter and have a wonderful summer!

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