WINNER Academy of Mentors Seeks Nominations for Inductees

Marie Angele Theard, MD
Marie Angele Theard, MD
Jeffrey J. Paternak, MD
Jeffrey J. Pasternak, MD

Marie Angele Theard, MD
Jeffrey J. Pasternak, MD

With contributions from: Linda Aglio, MD; Lauren Berkow, MD; Deborah Culley, MD; Karen Domino, MD; Kristin Engelhard, MD, PhD; Alana Flexman, MD; Laurel Moore, MD; Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA; Shobana Rajan, MD; Deepak Sharma, MD; and Monica Vavilala, MD.

The Women In Neuroanesthesiology and Neuroscience Education and Research (WINNER) Academy of Mentors started in 2018 to recognize major contributions made by women to the field of perioperative neuroscience specifically through excellence in mentoring and to provide a platform for mentoring the next generation of perioperative neuroscientists. Inaugural mentors in this prestigious group are:

  • Deborah Culley, MD
  • Karen Domino, MD, MPH
  • Kristen Engelhard, MD, PhD
  • Monica Vavilala, MD

SNACC is seeking nominations from all SNACC members for women members to be inducted into the WINNER Academy of Mentors.
To be considered, one can either self-nominate or be nominated by an active SNACC member.
Nominees should:

  • Be a woman who has a history of excellence in mentoring.
  • Be currently active in perioperative neuroscience research or education.
  • Have a track record of success serving as a mentor for at least ten years (although individual mentor/mentee relationship need not be of greater than ten years in duration).
  • Be an active SNACC member for at least ten years.
  • Be willing to continue to provide remote mentorship to SNACC members and be actively involved in the WINNER program.
  • Be nominated by a current active SNACC member.

Required information in support of a nomination:

  • Nominee’s name, title, institution, and contact information (i.e. address, email address).
  • Nominator’s name, title, institution, and contact information.
  • A letter of intent written by the nominator, signed by the nominator and co-signed by the nominee’s department chair. This letter should briefly outline why the nominee should be inducted into the WINNER Academy of Mentors.
  • At least three letters of support from the nominee’s current or past mentees.
    • These letters should specifically address the mentorship contributions of the nominee and describe why the nominee should be considered for induction into the WINNER Academy of Mentors.
    • The mentees need not be SNACC members or even anesthesiologists but should be individuals for whom the nominee has played a significant role as a mentor.
  • Nominee’s recent CV and bibliography.

Watch for eblasts and other SNACC communications for details about when nominations will begin to be accepted, the deadline for nominations, and where to submit nominations and supporting documentation.

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