SNACC Newsletter Updates from the Editor-in-Chief

Fenghua Li, MD

Reza Gorji, MD
Fenghua Li, MD

Research in neuroscience plays a fundamental role in neuroanesthesiology. Many SNACC members not only practice neuroanesthesia but also perform outstanding research that advances knowledge and understanding of our specialty. Starting with this summer newsletter, we will start to present some exceptional researchers in each issue to promote and to recognize their terrific work. Dr. Zhiyi Zuo, from University of Virginia, is a renowned researcher on cerebral ischemic protection and its mechanisms. His research work is amazing and promising. Dr. Zuo’s article ‘Advances in Neuroprotection - Bench to Bedside’ is featured in this issue and is co-authored by Dr. Bhiken Naik.

The SNACC newsletter has evolved. The digital format debuted last fall and has added international neuroanesthesia meeting coverage. The contents and layout design has improved. The SNACC newsletter has reached more international readers through various translating articles into Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

For the first time, the SNACC newsletter editorial board has created a guideline to facilitate manuscript submission. The link for ‘Information for Authors’ can be found at Publication/Submission Dates Section on the left side of the newsletter.

I am very grateful to all of the authors for their contributions that make this summer issue great. Please send me your feedback and enjoy reading the newsletter. Have a great summer!

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