ICPNT Has Launched!

W. Andrew Kofke, MD, MBA, FCCM
Chair, International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT)
University of Pennsylvania

W. Andrew Kofke, ICPNT Chair
W. Andrew Kofke, MD, MBA, FCCM

ICPNT Logo After decades of debate, we now have available a pathway to an accreditation process for fellowship training in neuroanesthesiology. Indeed, three international programs now stand accredited: Northwestern, University College of London and University of Washington. It was not an easy process for any of them and they deserve congratulations for this recognition that they offer outstanding educational experiences for their fellows. Moreover, they were the first “pilot” programs who patiently provided valuable and constructive feedback to ICPNT to facilitate getting it right.  They also merit appreciation for this role which will help ICPNT going forward.

Along that vein, we invited four more programs to apply and eagerly await their applications for final review at the SNACC Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Notably, in this round we will be trialing an innovation in program review. The initial application will undergo formative review, which is to say, the application will be critiqued by the primary reviewer who will provide administrative and content feedback and answer any questions regarding the applications, to make the application stronger. The program can then incorporate these suggestions in what should be a stronger application for subsequent summative review. This should increase the success rate – our ultimate goal – and hopefully contribute to a stronger fellow experience at each institution.

We anticipate fully opening the application process in October. We tentatively anticipate a three-part council review cycle: January–IARS meeting–SNACC meeting.

It is notable that ICPNT is overall a novel and innovative accreditation service because it is international. The program requirements are set up to be adaptable to programs’ different customs and regulations around the world while still adhering to minimum requirements for a satisfactory neuroanesthesiology fellowship experience.

Once fully established, ICPNT will have:

  1. Established international, uniform guidelines for neuroanesthesiology fellowships
  2. Set up an international network of neuroanesthesiology fellowships to enable networking, educational and scientific collaboration, and a mechanism to share fellows among accredited programs.  Along these lines ICPNT is establishing a Neuroanesthesia Program Relations Committee, chaired by John Bebawy. This committee’s mission is to foster relations and networking among ICPNT accredited programs.  It is presently being formed and if you are interested in contributing, contact Dr. Bebawy ([email protected]).
  3. Developed a group of program directors of accredited programs who will develop ICPNT governance and formulation of worldwide educational innovations
  4. Become a provider of novel educational resources for participating programs including a basics of neuroanesthesia course, workshops, and lectures available by webinar and podcast.  The notion of a worldwide neuroanesthesia grand rounds webinar are the sorts of things that might arise from such a vast network.
  5. Set the stage for processes eventually leading to individual certification.
  6. Provided the foundation for possible expansion or combination with other perioperative neuroscience areas such as neuromonitoring, neurocritical care, and research.


I encourage all neuroanesthesia programs around the world to take advantage of these attributes (and more) of ICPNT accreditation and consider submitting your program for accreditation.  Check ICPNT.org for more information.

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