Neuroanesthesiology Milestones

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The milestones development has been a rigorous process. Briefly, the taskforce collected and reviewed the existing evaluation reporting worksheets being used in various departments to identify existing practices. Following discussions about the desirable characteristics of the finished product and evaluating and identifying the best features of the existing documents, the task force came up with the first draft of neuroanesthesiology specific milestones. These were refined further with inputs from the advisory committee. The resulting version was then piloted in the programs represented by the members of the taskforce, advisory committee and the SNACC board of directors for a three month period. Based on the pilot, the programs were requested to evaluate the milestones and provide us with targeted feedback to improve this. The inputs were analyzed by the task force, followed by further improvements in the milestones by consensus to come up with the attached version.

Before finalizing the document, the task force would like to receive inputs from SNACC members. We will incorporate the suggestions as appropriate. You might find the milestones reporting worksheet very long (15 pages, 12 milestones) but I am sure you are aware that this is much abridged compared to the original 25 ACGME milestones. Our goal has been to retain only the milestones that have specific neuroanesthesiology relevance and create a reporting worksheet that is:

  • More accurate than what programs currently use
  • Aids in providing feedback to the residents and
  • Easy to use and less time consuming than the existing tools

So while this looks very long, it is in fact, abbreviated.

Please take a look at the neuroanesthesiology milestones click here and send us your feedback and/or suggestions by Monday, October 23, 2017.

We sincerely appreciate your inputs.

Thank you,

Deepak Sharma MBBS, MD, DM

(On behalf of the Milestones Taskforce)