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    Deborah Culley

    Welcome to SNACC! This organization has been my professional and academic home since I completed residency more years ago than I would like to admit. If you share my interest in assuring the well being of the central nervous system during the perioperative period, I encourage you to make SNACC your professional home too. There is no place better!

    SNACC is the premier organization for those in anesthesiology who care about the brain and spinal cord. I appreciate SNACC for its collegiality, inspiration, education, and constructive criticism of what I do clinically and scientifically. The interests of members span the gamut from basic to clinical neuroscience, anesthesia and perioperative care of patients for neurosurgery to mechanisms and monitoring of anesthesia-induced unconsciousness, and from neuroprotection to neurotoxicity and perioperative cognitive impairment. In addition to access to this broad and deep expertise, SNACC provides fellowship. For me, one of the greatest benefits of membership in SNACC is the ability to rub shoulders with the many talented members of the Society. SNACC is privileged to count among its past and current members some of anesthesiology’s most accomplished clinicians, scientists, and leaders including editors of major journals, ASA Rovenstein Lecturers, and winners of the ASA Distinguished Research Award. I count the mentoring relationships and professional friendships I developed through involvement in SNACC as among the most meaningful and rewarding of my career.

    As President, I will work to keep SNACC strong and continue the efforts of the previous SNACC leaders. I will also expand the Society’s scope while maintaining its clinical and intellectual base. I will work with and rely on input from the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and members. I will strive to forge closer relationships with neuro-minded basic and clinical scientists in our specialty and related organizations; encourage trainees and junior faculty to bring their energy and ideas to SNACC; continue our popular and successful mentoring programs to help junior faculty become productive senior faculty; and disseminate our expertise in the nervous system by developing innovative educational content, especially for the occasional neuroanesthesiologist. In addition, building on the recent SNACC-endorsed fellowship training guidelines, I will help neuroanesthesia and neurocritical care become recognized as important areas of sub-specialization in anesthesiology by exploring opportunities to partner with Association of Neurologic Specialties (ACNS) to create accredited fellowships.

    My goal for 2015 is to help SNACC navigate the fast-changing world of medicine and remain the pace-setter and leader in all things ‘neuro’ within anesthesiology. I cannot promise that SNACC will be better off when my term is over but I can and do promise to do my best. Rest assured that SNACC is in good hands. The current leadership group (Executive Committee, Board of Directors) is strong, its committees are active and enthusiastic, and our members are insightful and engaged. I encourage you to get involved. We can use your interests and talents and you will benefit, as I have, from being a member of this great organization.

    Deborah J. Culley, MD


    2014 Annual Meeting Highlights

    A big thank you to all who attended the 42nd Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

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    43rd SNACC Annual Meeting
    October 22-23, 2015
    Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
    San Diego, California

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